Jewish Federation Vision Statement

We unite our diverse Jewish community, inspiring each person’s actions to strengthen Jewish life in greater New Haven and around the world.


In order to standardize the information collected, please adhere to the requested format: 

  • All numbers are to be rounded off to the nearest dollar
  • Do not use decimals please use commas in the numbers.  

Financial statements/budgets must reflect the following: 

  • Last fiscal year (actual expenses (12 months)
  • Current fiscal year approved budget (12 months)
  • Current fiscal year actual/estimate operating budget (12 months) 
  • Upcoming fiscal year proposed budget (12 months) 

It is preferable for budget lines to be grouped by category, e.g. personnel expense lines grouped together as opposed to being dispersed throughout the spreadsheet. Subcategory subtotals are at your discretion. Total Expenses and Total Revenue must be totaled. 

Any questions about additional material should be directed to Judy Alperin at 203-387-2424, ext. 231 or [email protected] 

1) Budgetary/Financial Information

a) Please provide financial statements/budgets reflecting the following:

d)    Agencies operating in surplus or deficit situations should articulate reasons for the variances.

g)    Tier One Agencies must upload an independent financial audit or certified financial statement for the most recently completed fiscal year. Non-tier One Organizations should submit their audited or independent financial statements if they have them. If they do not have an independent financial audit please submit additional information about the organization’s fiscal controls and financial accounting systems.

h)    If your organization is in receipt of an auditor’s issued Management Letter for the most recently completed fiscal year, please upload it here.

j)     ** Mandatory for Schools & Camps ** Please submit the following information:

l)    Please upload the following documents:

2) Core Commitments of the Jewish Federation

The Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven is constantly striving to strengthen its relationship with its member agencies and to ensure that the needs of the local Jewish community are being met as effectively as possible.  To accomplish these goals, we depend on the cooperation of the agencies in all aspects of our work.  The 2020 Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven Strategy Roadmap  approved by the Jewish Federation Board of Directors requires a shift in funding from primarily core funding to a grants model based on community priorities.  This shift begin in FY 22 to include both Traditional Funding and Impact Grant funding.

  1. It is important to note that Traditional Funding requests are not guaranteed and do not represent an “allocation floor.”  Traditional Funding and other potential grant processes are tools by which the Allocations process can direct funding to support the beneficiary organization. The Impact Grants process will provide targeted funding to enable the implementation of programs of highest priority and relationship to the strategic direction of the organization and the Federation.
  2. Traditional funding will be evaluated on a quarterly basis and allocations will be determined by Annual Campaign cash collections.
  3. The Impact Grants process will be conducted annually and open to all organizations, programs and congregations.
  4. The Planning & Allocations Committee and Impact Grants Subcommittee will assess the applicant’s ability to execute the proposed program/service.   Should a grant process be undertaken, the Planning & Allocations committee will look favorably on initiatives which reflect strategic collaboration and partnership with one or more organizations. 


Tier One Agencies

  • Every Jewish member of the agency’s governing board who resides in the Greater New Haven area, must be a member of the Federation, actively participate in the annual campaign by making a meaningful contribution to the annual campaign.
  • The agency must have a tax-exempt status under S501 of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • The agency must prominently display Federation logo and support on all printed materials and should be displayed on the website. 
  • The Federation’s primary functions are to coordinate planning, programming and fundraising for the Jewish community of Greater New Haven.  Its commitment to raise funds for overseas needs, its member agencies and other programs meeting the social welfare, education, health, housing, benevolent or religious services of the Jews of this community comes with an expectation that recipient agencies will take certain actions to assist the Federation.   Without this cooperation, we, as a community, cannot succeed. 

3) Organizations without IRS 501(c)(3) status

Organizations without IRS 501(c)(3) status wishing to apply for funding must partner with an IRS 501(c)(3) Jewish agency or institution that will serve as administrator.  All IRS 501(c)(3) Jewish agencies and institutions serving as administrators must be recognized by the Federation.  A description of the relationship between the two organizations should be submitted.

4) Fiscal Years and Distribution Schedules

a)    If you are not on a September 1 August 31 fiscal year, please inform us when your fiscal year begins and ends.

b)    Most Federation allocations payments will be made monthly. A revision to the allocation payment schedule is at the discretion of the Federation and modifications should not be assumed.  The Federation will provide written confirmation of your distribution schedule.

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